Animals Can Be Jerks – PART 2

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Part 2 of animals being total jerks compilation 2013.

Animals Can Be Jerks – (PART 1):
Animals Can Be Jerks – (PART 3):


0:01 – Gorilla vs. Goose:
0:10 – 5 stations Pachu moment you refuse the Shiba Inu:
0:17 – Cat Hits Guy With a Lamp (Silly Boo):
0:21 – One ticked off Gorilla – at the Dallas Zoo:
0:25 – My ferret is a pick pocket:
0:29 – Dog attacks TV for baseball:
0:38 – Crazy Cat Attacks Horse:
0:40 – Fox licking window:
0:54 – Bear steals dumpster from Colorado Springs restaurant:
1:02 – Elephant Throws Mud at a Guy:
1:12 – Leopard vs Cameraman:
1:18 – Cat stealing socks:
1:52 – Cat and Rat Drinking Milk Together:
2:00 – Chickens Steal Cat’s Food:
2:14 – Raccoon eating cats’ food:
2:20 – Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing:
2:36 – Turtle Orgasm:

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