Bull Shark Attack!

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Bull shark attacks can happen in both oceans and in rivers, in saltwater and in freshwater. Here’s how to survive.

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February 3rd, 2010: 38-year-old Stephen Schafer is kitesurfing just off of Stuart Beach, Florida when he’s surrounded and attacked by several bull sharks. He later died from massive blood loss. Here’s what you need to know if you ever encounter a bull shark. Unfortunately, this freak accident was not caught on tape, so no one will ever know what happened to provoke them.

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What is it?
The bull shark is an extremely aggressive shark characterized by its unique, blunt snout. It can weigh up to 500 pounds and gets its name from its tendency to head-butt its prey before devouring them. They’re considered to be more dangerous to humans than any other species of shark.

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Where are they located?
Bull sharks are found along warm, coastal areas worldwide in both fresh and saltwater. They’ve even been known to travel hundreds of miles up rivers and end up in lakes located far inland such as in the Mississippi River where it’s common for them to attack a boat or swimmer. Their tendency to live in shallow waters is why they’re the most dangerous species of shark to humans. Both men and women are eaten alive by these sharks.

How will it kill you?
Bull sharks have a unique method of capturing their prey known as the bump and bite technique, as seen in this caught on video footage. They use their enormous body weight to head-butt their prey with their snouts. If this aggressive hit doesn’t kill them, it completely disorients them so that the bull shark has the advantage of biting into their prey before they can even recover.

How to survive:
Surviving a bull shark attack is similar to that of a great white shark attack. Because of the bull shark’s bump and bite technique, you’ll want to reduce the shark’s possible angles of attack. Backing up against a reef or rock pile can help with this by limiting the possibility of attack to just what’s in front of you instead of all around you. If you’re already caught in its deadly bite, strike its eyes and gills as these are the shark’s most sensitive areas. Keep up with this attack until it releases you, at which point you can get out of the water and get help immediately.

Now what do you think is worse and why? Being attacked with nerve gas? Or suffering from arsenic poisoning?

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