CCTV – Pit Bull attacks neighbours PB & bites guy

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Lansing, Michigan: R.I.P Cory Monteith, my fav actor died today when I uploaded this. GLEE will never be the same without you 🙁 I added my fav song! So, which one is good? One is reckless in containing his dog aggressive PB & the other one holds down the loose PB & lets his own dog, an aggressive PB repeatedly attack while he chokes the other PB & beats its head on concrete. I think they are both shining examples of human garbage that should not own pet rocks let alone both of them owning PB.
This is what the attackers owner’s brother said in a PB forum where i found this video:
“I love my brother & his Pit Bull Ozzy. This entire situation makes me sick & we need help. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.

I have a big problem. My brother owns a PB in Lansing Michigan. Last night he broke his collar & attacked a neighbors dog. While the neighbor was holding Ozzy *my brothers pit bull* down by his collar & allowing his dog to attack him, he ended up getting bitten by Ozzy. The bite happened because Ozzy tried to defend himself. I have video of the entire incident. Good quality, & you can see everything.

After allowing his dog to attack Ozzy for nearly a minute. They finally separated the dogs. The neighbors dog continued to viciously go after Ozzy while Ozzy showed no further interest in fighting. After dogs were seperated, he (the neighbor) continues to hit, choke, slam his head on the concrete & do everything he can to damage Ozzy & “try to kill him”. Those are the words he said to my brother. What I need is legal help. My brother is very passive and doesn’t defend himself very well & has NO idea where to turn. If he allows it, he will be completely railroaded in this situation, to say nothing of what will happen to Ozzy and further Pit Bull reputation in the area.

The neighbor said, in his statement to the police. “That dog came after my throat & my dog stopped him”. In the video you can see that not only did Ozzy bypass him completely, he never once tried to bite the PERSON holding him down & choking him during the entire event. Even after getting punched several times, choked & having his head slammed into the concrete. All Ozzy did during, even THAT, was try to get away. I need help, please. We need resources & ideas for legal protection.

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Thank you very much for your time and any help that anyone here may be able to offer.

Concerned Pit Bull lover and brother.”

R.I.P Cory Moneith. You died today & I found out whilst i was editing & uploading this. You were my fav actor & Glee will never be the same without you. 🙁

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