Crocodile Attacks

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Crocodile attacks are extremely deadly & kill humans. Crocs are dangerous, predatory hunters that attack their prey with no mercy.

Do you know what to do if you encounter a crocodile?

A crocodile is a large, predatory semiaquatic reptile with long tails, short legs, long jaws, and horn-covered, textured skin.

Where are they located?

Crocodiles, like their cousin alligators are predators that live throughout the tropics in Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Deadly crocodiles attack zebras, elephants, hippos, & men often eating these animals.

How will they kill you?

Crocodiles have sharp teeth for piercing and holding onto flesh, and powerful muscles to close their jaws and hold them shut. They use submersion and stealth to approach their prey unseen. Once in close enough proximity, they bite and hold on to their prey with little possibility of escaping.

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How to survive a crocodile bite:

Crocodiles have the strongest bite force ever recorded so once you’ve been bit, it’s very difficult to escape. If it’s too late and you’ve been bit, fight back by gouging at its eyes. Also, keep in mind that crocodiles may perform their infamous “Death Roll” in which they rotate their entire bodies until the part of the prey they grabbed is completely ripped off. If the croc does this to you, be sure to rotate with it while still going for its eyes. If eye-gouging doesn’t work, use a free hand to reach into the back of the croc’s throat and grab its epiglottis. This not only creates an uncomfortable sensation for the beast, but it also fills its lungs with water if you’re in a lake, river, or swamp. Doing so will free you up from the bite, giving you an opportunity to escape.

Can you guess how many people are killed by crocodiles each year?

Statistics show that crocodiles kill about 3,000 people per year. But remember, crocs do not leave any remains behind when they kill so the true number may be significantly higher!

So what would you do if you encountered one of these?

Crocodile Attacks Elephant

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