Forest Cobra snake bites little girl – Ucles vs Africa

Posted on 16. Jul, 2015 by in Snake Attacks

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The reality of a snake bite is that when there are no resources and knowledge of species and a snakes identity is not well understood.

It can be hard to see the true effects and impacts of human interaction with venomous snake species. This is an account of my personal attempt to educate and bring awareness to the African community members about venomous snake bite prevention and first aid treatment within a village.

The little girl was attacked by a dangerous snake called a Forest Cobra and bit – luckily only her finger was amputated. The venom of this cobra bite result in severe neurotoxicity. This venomous species of snake can be highly dangerous due to the quantity of venom it can inject in a single bite or strike and its aggressive nature when defending. Death can occur rapidly, within 30 to 120 minutes in severe cases of snake envenomation.
The last snake is a Black Mamba, one of the world’s deadliest snakes, and my attempt at teaching how to minimize the snakes venom damage to a person. Some viewers may find this footage distressing, but this is the reality of dangerous snake bites in rural Africa.


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[No animals within the following footage were harmed. The footage depicts animals being restrained and no intent has been made to injure, harm or stress the animal(s). All animals used within the following footage were released back into their natural state. Viewers should not attempt the following outtakes without the appropriate permits and review of the relevant legislation and industry professional assistance.]

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