Graphic Content: Nampa police release video of dogs attacking officer prior to shooting

Posted on 28. Jul, 2015 by in Bull Attack

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Nampa police release video (warning, graphic content)

Nampa police released this video Wednesday of what happened when an officer shot and killed a pit bull/mastiff mix while trying to do a welfare check at a home earlier this week. The light colored dog is the pit bull/mastiff. The dark colored dog is a pit bull/Chesapeake mix.

AMPA, Idaho — Footage from a body-worn camera has led a dog owner to make a heartfelt apology to the officer who fatally shot his pit bull.

The incident began Monday night when police responded to a welfare check at a Nampa home, KTVB reported. Seconds after an officer knocked, announcing their arrival, two dogs charged through the doorway.

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In the video, an officer moves backward before shooting one of the dogs, a mastiff-pit bull mix. Anthony O’Hare, its owner, was next to arrive on the scene.

“I came running out the door, and I saw my wife with my dog, laying on the ground,” O’Hare said. “She’s flipping out. Everybody’s flipping out.”

At a Wednesday press conference, the officer’s belt was displayed, which showed bite marks on his can of OC spray. During the press conference, KTVB showed a stunned O’Hare the police video of what happened.

“To me, it sounded like you saw the dog, he came up, he came down, then you shot him,” said O’Hare, speaking to the officer. “But…I would’ve done the same thing. I swear I would’ve.”

In a Facebook poll, most viewers agreed the officer did the right thing.

“I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart that that police officer had to deal with that,” O’Hare said. “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I wish I could take it back.”

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