GREAT WHITE SHARK attacks another Great White shark, bites it leaving clear imprint of its Jaws.

Posted on 13. Jul, 2015 by in Great White Attacks

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This is the dramatic moment a great white shark attacked its rival in a ferocious fight for territory.

The video, captured by Russell Gordon, a marine wildlife enthusiast, during a diving expedition provides a close view of the moment the shark sinks its teeth into its fellow predator.
Mr Gordon was inside a shark cage on an underwater camera off the coast of the Neptune Islands, South Australia, when he saw the rarely witnessed scene.

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Describing his experience online he said: “this video is unique because neither shark has been influenced by bait”.
“Some of you may have viewed other footage of shark on shark attacks but these are purely accidental incidences because the two sharks strike at the bait line and inadvertently hit each other,” he added.

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