Great White Shark Attacks Fishing Boat Gold Coast! (Exclusive Video)

Posted on 14. Jul, 2015 by in Great White Attacks

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Fishermen off the Gold Coast, Australia get a terrifying fright when a great white shark attacks them out of the water.
Un-Censored Link… Cocoa Beach Florida where a real shark attack on surfer is caught on video. Surfer valiantly fights of shark in shallow waters. Original “Shark Bite”

READ THIS FIRST!!!!!! You may not understand this rough edit, so if you feel the need to say something stupid that has already been said by another, click this link to a better video for you.
Irish Guy with a close encounter with a Great White Shark in Gansbaai, South Africa.

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Great White Shark Attack Caught On Tape 2013
Documentary - The Great White Shark - National Geographic Documentary

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