pit bull attack and maul small dog, shot and killed by Police officer caught on dashcam

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There are no such things as “resident” and “family” pit bulls dogs. The difference is that people with common sense keep dogs OUTSIDE, where dogs belong, and dog freaks keep them inside the house and attempt to turn them into something they’re not, i.e., they anthropomorphize dogs.

Overwhelming majority of dog attacks in the US (particularly those on children) occur INDOORS by the so-called “family dog” and could be prevented if people would simply keep their %*^^!$# dogs OUTSIDE!
if you are very patient, you can train your pit bull not to attack, maim and kill. (Just kidding. Patience has nothing to do with it. Luck is all you really need. Get yourself a break stick just to be sure! Good luck!)

Back before people began trying to humanize dogs and kept their fleabags outside, dog attacks on children were almost nonexistent. For example, from 1940 until 1970, only five children in the US were killed by the so-called “family dog” and these dogs were owned by dog freaks who had no better sense than to allow dogs inside the house. In the 21st century, hardly a day passes that we don’t read or hear about a child being attacked and badly injured or killed by the family dog.

People today are taken in by the multi-billion-dollar dog industry that airs TV commercials, etc. claiming dogs are “members of the family” and other nonsense.

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The fact is that a dog’s normal body temperature is MUCH higher than that of a human being, which means that a comfortable indoor temperature for a human being is decidedly uncomfortable for a dog. Add to this the fact that breathing dehumidified air causes respiratory problems in dogs and the fact that large dogs confined in cramped spaces become frustrated and you have a recipe for disaster. Additionally, if the dog in question happens to be an aggressive breed such as a pit bull, you may as well bring home a stick of dynamite, place it on the mantle above the fireplace and trust it not to explode.

As with many of the older working breeds the breed name is also a job description. Pointer, retriever, setter, hovawart and shepherd are examples. The Pit Bull Terrier or American (Pit) Bull Terrier was bred solely to do combat in a dogpit. They were never nurse’s aids, nanny dogs, soldiers’ rescue dogs, herding dogs, astronauts, physicists or anything other than combat dogs. I am always suspicious of those who claim to love this breed while simultaneously in such denial of what the breed is in reality. If you love something you love it for what it truly is and not for something it has never been and can never become.

They are fighting machines indeed and only fit for death after they are used. Now the idiots in our population have been indoctrinated in relativism and it is costing us in blood and lives lost. they think a rose is the same as a dandelion. a pit bull is the same as a dachshund. an eagle is the same as a sparrow. a recipe for disaster.

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