pit bull attack horse fail, the most embarassing pit bull attack ever

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“Yes, all dogs bite”. That’s a big part of the pit bull propaganda. But the real issue is the severity of the attacks, Most dogs bite and release. Pit bulls bite and hold. They rip and they tear.
it’s like holding a firecracker in one hand and a hand grenade in the other. either one of them can explode. But one of them is going to do a whole lot more damage than the other. pit bulls owner are typically would like to throw grenade in their hand to somebody than holding it them self.
Pit bulls were bred to kill other dogs, not humans — some owners will claim that the ones who attacked humans were ‘culled’ to remove this genetic deficiency. The statistics prove otherwise, but if it really matters, the so-called “[human] meat eater” fighting dogs were coveted as the best, and most successful, fighters.

Regardless of various titles and confusing names, if a dog looks like a block-headed turtlenecked broad-chested beady-eyed prostrate Hershey kiss, then it’s a pit bull or a pit bull mix.
There is no practical reason to trust anything that resembles a pit bull. The pit bull mixes can be just as unpredictable.

Men who are unsure of their masculinity find extra comfort and pride in owning a man-eating dog. If an owner’s dog is winning the fights, and has a bad-ass reputation, why would he ‘cull’ it?! That kind of dog is precisely what the fighter owner desires, and is precisely what dangerous and hateful people have always desired.

Any dog breed can be aggressive. Consider them — if, say, a German Shepard or Doberman Pinscher is going to attack, you will know about it by his growling and barking indications of fear or aggression. A pit bull might be playful and kissing somebody when it attacks. Also, if a German Shepard attacks you, you will almost certainly leave the incident with your face still attached to your skull.

Because of the near-constant (almost daily) media reports of horrific pit bull maulings, which includes a DEATH about once every 2 weeks, several “Pit Bull Advocacy” groups have embarked on a national campaign to re-brand these dogs. These groups, which include powerful organizations such as the Humane Society and the ASPCA, have invented a false history of these dogs, and have gone to great lengths to mis-educate the public. They spread myths such as “It’s all how you raise them” or “Pit Bulls are no more dangerous than any other dog,” and “Pit Bulls have a better temperament than most other dogs.” They suggest that every single time there is a serious attack, that it must have been bad owners, mistreated dog, victim fault, or some other external factor – but its never the dog’s fault.

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The truth is, Pit Bulls attack and cause devastating injury because it is what they were bred to do! No matter how much you complain about it, and refuse to believe it, pit bulls were originally bred in the 17th century to be Pit Fighters – dog fighters. The fastest, strongest, most tenacious dogs, with the tendency to bite, hold and shake their prey, and the propensity to launch into full attack mode without any provocation or warning, were specifically selected to make the Pit Bull breeds we know today.

it is weird that the pro-pit advocates refuse to acknowledge that the breed has anything to do with their disproportionate numbers of maulings. No one doubts that the Beagle’s propensity to howl, or the Newfoundland’s love of water, or the Border Collie’s instinct to herd is a characteristic of its breed. No one doubts that all modern dog breeds were selectively bred to perform a specific function. You don’t have to train dog breeds to act in conformity with their breed characteristics – that is the purpose of having breeds in the first place. But somehow, when a Pit Bull exhibits perfect pit-fighting characteristics, as stated above, “it’s all you raise them.”

pit bull attack is a life or death situation. if a pit bull attack you and you have no weapon in your hand to defend against these vicious breed you have 50% chance to survive, 2 pit bulls attack you, your chance to survive is about 25%, 3 pit bulls or more attack you, your chance to survive is very low, close to 5% and below.
when a pit bull attack you, it intent to kill you. just google it: pit bull kills owner. do you think those owners are weak and wimpy? NO. most of them were healthy people but in the end they were ended up in a hospital or morgue. keep in mind that You can’t stop pit bull attack with your BARE HANDS. Guns, Knives and Hammer will over power pit bull jaws.

pit bull attack horse in Granada
Pit bull attack

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