pit bull attack neighbor, vicious and dangerous pit bull shot

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pit bull attack is a life or death situation. if a pit bull attack you and you have no weapon in your hand to defend against these vicious breed you have 50% chance to survive, 2 pit bulls attack you, your chance to survive is about 25%, 3 pit bulls or more attack you, your chance to survive is very low, close to 5% and below.
when a pit bull attack you, it intent to kill you. just google it: pit bull kills owner. do you think those owners are weak? NO. most of them were healthy people but in the end they were ended up in a hospital or morgue. keep in mind that You can’t stop pit bull attack with your BARE HANDS.
“Can any of us stop a pit bull once it attacks?”
YES! There have been many stories of people who not only STOPPED pit bull attacks, but even KILLED pit bulls, without a gun.

in self defense situation, you have the right to protect your life. In the United States, stand-your-ground law is a law that authorizes a person to protect and defend one’s own life and limb against threat or perceived threat, and states that an individual has no duty to retreat from any place he/she has a lawful right to be and may use any level of force, including lethal, if he/she reasonably believe he/she face an imminent and immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death; as opposed to Duty to Retreat laws. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stand-yo…

You need to grab any SHARP object — knife, scissors, tent stake, spike, pen, keys — and STAB THE PIT BULL IN THE EYES. Or if you can’t quite hit the eyes because its head is moving, aim for the head area — eyes, ears, nose, or throat, or the side of the mouth. If you can’t reach the head area, stab it in the groin or butt (hole). Then KEEP ON stabbing and slashing until it stops.

People need to stop acting like wimps and becoming victims of these horrible dogs. Arm yourself whenever you’re likely to be around stray dogs, and then don’t hold back if you’re attacked. Don’t wait until your arm is half chewed off. Do as much serious damage to the vicious beast as you possibly can, as quickly as possible. That’s the only way to deal with a pit bull attack once it starts.

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At a certain level, pit bull owners understand very well that their dogs are programmed for joy in fighting. They understand very well that when pit bulls attack, it is almost always suddenly and randomly, almost never defensively.

But they can’t admit that. So when their pit bull lunges at a cat and bites its head off, they tell themselves this is the way it is with animals, even though it is rare for any other breed to kill any other animal for no reason. They tell themselves, for a real-life example, when their pit bull attacks and practically scalps a three-year old girl climbing out of a car, that the sudden opening of the car door was the trigger — in other words, the kid had it coming. It’s never the dog’s fault.

As with many of the older working breeds the breed name is also a job description. Pointer, retriever, setter, hovawart and shepherd are examples. The Pit Bull Terrier or American (Pit) Bull Terrier was bred solely to do combat in a dogpit. They were never nurse’s aids, nanny dogs, soldiers’ rescue dogs, herding dogs, astronauts, physicists or anything other than combat dogs. I am always suspicious of those who claim to love this breed while simultaneously in such denial of what the breed is in reality. If you love something you love it for what it truly is and not for something it has never been and can never become.

pit bull attacks child, neighbor armed with a crowbar saves her
pit bull attack, pit bull got shot

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