pit bull attack small dog jumps from 2 stories windows

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Pit bulls are certainly not the only dog breed capable of a lot of damage. However, dangerous rottweilers, Danes, Doberman’s and Shepherds do not pretend to be angels. A “good owner” really can have a good rottweiler. You really can talk about deed/breed with rottweilers. Furthermore, there really is a possibility that a rottweiler owner is an intelligent and responsible person who values human life. Do not confuse people who buy rottweilers with people who buy pit bulls, while yet keeping your distance from any dog who is a guard dog or who is expressing aggression.

The rottweiler who might rip you up is the one behind the chain link fence who is gnashing and frothing. You would not go up to that dog for some love. Rottweilers who demonstrate a track record of gentleness around children really are worthy of trust. Just think twice before punching their owner or kidnapping their owner’s children!

Furthermore, if the fence around a rottweiler is a proper fence, you don’t need to worry about the rottweiler eating the fence — they aren’t so stupid. However, if your neighbor has a good fence around her pit bull, know that if the pit bull has settled on some reason to escape the fence, he will not give up chewing and smashing the fence. Think about that when your puppy or your child is playing in your backyard.

Pit apologists love to criticize golden retrievers, that most majestic breed, by citing aggression statistics. Golden retrievers are aggressive when slimy stupid people (who love pit bulls) come skulking around their territory. Yet even still, the golden retriever will (1) warn the idiot first, in an attempt to avoid a fight, (2) back off when strongly resisted or overwhelmed, and (3) leave the person with most of his organs intact after disabling him or convincing him to leave the territory.

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It is certainly not any individual dog’s fault that they were born with genetics designed via artificial selection to fight and kill. It is the fault of the blood lust gladiator type people who bred them in the first place, and the similarly wicked people who press a politically correct agenda to promote these animals, who were not bred to herd sheep, to an often naive public.

However, that does not change the reality of the breed’s characteristic tendency to unexpectedly attack and kill even after years of good behavior, any more than a duck loving retriever might change the reality that retrievers have a tendency to fetch.

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