pit bull attack woman on the street, shot dead by cops

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pit bulls have demonstrated an enormous appetite for the blood of weaker animals comes as no surprise to anyone who knows of the history. Centuries of breeding by the animal abusers of the old UK, in order to produce a type of dog that would eagerly, happily and relentlessly tear apart weaker or more vulnerable animals which posed no threat.

Ironically, now that dog fighting is outlawed (supposedly for humane reasons) the number of animals harmed by put bulls every year is at an all time high and rising, which begs the question: what is the point of outlawing dog fighting while allowing these fighting dogs to proliferate?

So we now have this oversupply of these fighting dogs whose “FIGHT” is now considered a crime, so long as it occurs in a formal setting. If 2 willing pit bulls are allowed to square off in the ring, it’s a crime. But if a pit bull goes to fight on an unwilling animal, attacking and maul children, kill the owner, tearing the victim apart, it’s not a crime. How is that in any way humane?.

Let’s talking about animal abuse. By not let their pit bull to fight, actually pit bull owner are pit bull abuser. it is like Pointer owner not let their Pointer to point, Greyhound owner not let their Greyhound to race, retriever owner not let their Golden Retriever to retrieve or Blue Heeler and Border Colie owner not let their dog to herding and German Shepherd and Rotweiller owner not let their dog to guard the property.

it is weird that the pro-pit advocates refuse to acknowledge that the breed has anything to do with their disproportionate numbers of maulings. No one doubts that the Beagle’s propensity to howl, or the Newfoundland’s love of water, or the Border Collie’s instinct to herd is a characteristic of its breed. No one doubts that all modern dog breeds were selectively bred to perform a specific function. You don’t have to train dog breeds to act in conformity with their breed characteristics – that is the purpose of having breeds in the first place. But somehow, when a Pit Bull exhibits perfect pit-fighting characteristics, as stated above, “it’s all you raise them.”

If it was always the owner’s fault in these pitbull attacks cases, then all dog breeds, sizes, and types would be mauling & killing left from right. it will be human messacre because there were so many large dog breed like: Dogo Argentino, Tibetan Mastiff, Great dane, Great Pyreness and so on that can bring down human in no time. but it is rarely heard that those breed were killing people left and right like pit bull. Indeed it is the fucked up breed. pit bull.

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At a certain level, pit bull owners understand very well that their dogs are programmed for joy in fighting. They understand very well that when pit bulls attack, it is almost always suddenly and randomly, almost never defensively.

But they can’t admit that. So when their pit bull lunges at a cat and bites its head off, they tell themselves this is the way it is with animals, even though it is rare for any other breed to kill any other animal for no reason. They tell themselves, for a real-life example, when their pit bull attacks and practically scalps a three-year old girl climbing out of a car, that the sudden opening of the car door was the trigger — in other words, the kid had it coming. It’s never the dog’s fault.

Now the idiots in our population have been indoctrinated in relativism and it is costing us in blood and lives lost. owning a pit bull or pit bull mix are not worth it. a recipe for disaster.

As with many of the older working breeds the breed name is also a job description. Pointer, retriever, setter, hovawart and shepherd are examples. The Pit Bull Terrier or American (Pit) Bull Terrier was bred solely to do combat in a dogpit. They were never nurse’s aids, nanny dogs, soldiers’ rescue dogs, herding dogs, astronauts, physicists or anything other than combat dogs. I am always suspicious of those who claim to love this breed while simultaneously in such denial of what the breed is in reality. If you love something you love it for what it truly is and not for something it has never been and can never become.
if you are very patient, you can train your pit bull not to attack, maim and kill. (Just kidding. Patience has nothing to do with it. Luck is all you really need. Get yourself a break stick just to be sure! Good luck!)

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