Rhino Kills Cape Buffalo (Big 5 Battle in Africa)

Posted on 13. Jul, 2015 by in Rhino Attacks

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Big 5 Battle to the Death (As Seen on NatGeo Wild)

This is incredible video of two of the most respected Big 5 animals in Africa – the Cape Buffalo and the White Rhino. At the rate the Rhino is being poached in Africa, this may be the last time you actually see a Rhino in the wild. The power of a Rhino to throw a cape Buffalo in the air is unbelievable, and the Buffalo ended up dying the next day from its wounds.

This footage has never been caught on camera before, and all I had was a Sony handheld to capture this moment. We were on an African Safari when this all went down, and the rangers were shocked to see what was happening. You will see later in the video how the other male buffalo see weakness and actually jump in the fight to become the dominant male of the herd.

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Hope you enjoy the footage, excuse the bumpy footage, but this is what you would experience going to Africa and driving around in a Land Rover.

Rhino Kills Cape Buffalo (Big 5 Battle in Africa), 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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