Rhino on the rampage in Nepalese town || Animal attack

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rhino on the rampage in Nepalese town
Scary clip shows rampaging rhino which ‘killed one and injured others’ after escaping from captivity
The huge beast is thought to have escaped from a nature reserve before chasing horrified residents through the streets
A rhinoceros has killed one and injured several others after it escaped a nature reserve and embarked on a terrifying rampage through a small town, it’s been reported.

Residents in Hetuada, Nepal, were horrified to discover the huge wild beast on the loose in their town after it had broken free from the Chitwan National Park.

The one-horned rhino was filmed as it chased people through the streets.

A government official in the area said they believed that the animal had killed one person and injured several others.
Ram Prasad Thapaliya, chief district officer of Makwanpur district, said: “We have unconfirmed news that one person has been killed and three others have been injured.

“We are using elephants and other technical methods to lure the rhino back to its habitat.”

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Krishna Poudel, a resident in the neighbourhood, said: “I have never seen a rhino come into our area. Sometimes elephants do come.”

Mr Poudel also said that one of his female neighbours had been killed by the animal while at least six others were injured, reports India’s Wall Street Journal.

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