Three gored at Pamplona bull fighting festival

Posted on 28. Jul, 2015 by in Bull Attack

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This is the moment a bull trampled and tossed a festival-goer in the air at the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

An American and two Spaniards have been gored by bulls during the sixth day of the annual San Fermin festival in northern Spain.

Panic broke out on the narrow medieval streets of the city when one of the animals charged at a man, trampling him and then tossing him into the air with one of his horns.
Bystanders tried to guide the animal away by pulling on its tail and eventually dragged the victim to safety by his feet, local reports said the man was a 31-year-old from Morella, in eastern Spain.

Another American and two Spaniards were also taken to city hospitals for other injuries suffered in falls and trampling during the frenzied event.

A Navarra Hospital’s spokesperson said doctors removed the American’s spleen after it was found that the bull’s horn had gone through the abdominal cavity and punctured the blood filtering organ.

None of the six people taken to hospital was said to be in serious condition.
The black bull that caused the most panic on Friday made several more attempts to charge people before he was eventually guided along through the town to join the rest of the pack in the bull ring.

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Bull goring so funny no blood but extremely funny....
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