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When Giraffes Attack. All animals need their space and giraffes are no different. When boundaries are crossed giraffes can become defensive and may be put in a position to attack. Being attacked by a giraffe or any animal can be avoided by maintaining a safe distance. Enjoy nature safely everyone!

1.Montage of African Wildlife: Daniel Kooman /TransTravel http://goo.gl/ihNVbD
2.Giraffe Running: Rainer Schimpf/Barcroft TV http://goo.gl/pGiqqC
3.Giraffe Kick: Jourdan Boyd http://goo.gl/5nptDt
4.Giraffe Chasing Jeep: Rainer Schimpf /Barcroft TV http://goo.gl/pGiqqC
5.Herd of Zebras Walking: pablomarx http://goo.gl/YjmDC9
6.1 Zebra standing: pablomarx http://goo.gl/hy3QRZ
7.Biker Running from Giraffe: Ryk Van Niekerk http://goo.gl/DjF3jY
8.Jeeps Driving on Safari: Daniel Kooman /TransTravel http://goo.gl/ihNVbD
9.Zebra Eating: pablomarx http://goo.gl/0p67Cp

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Intro: Brett Donnelly – Action Sting http://goo.gl/v7gaV
Soundtrack: Tonezpro — Upload and Share http://goo.gl/FB1Vxo
Sound Effects: http://www.freesfx.co.uk

Giraffe Attacks Jeep on Safari
Giraffe kills lion. Giraffe attacks lion pride and kicks one of them to death.

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Giraffe kills lion. Giraffe attacks lion pride and kicks one of them to death.
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